Special Reconnaissance Teams One & Two

Are you up to the challenge of being part of a high-performing team at the Tip of the Spear in a complex, fragile and uncertain strategic environment?

Do you have the character, self-discipline and leadership skills to be a member of the Naval Special Warfare community?

If so, Naval Special Warfare Group TEN, Special Reconnaissance Team ONE (SRT-1) located in California and Special Reconnaissance Team TWO (SRT-2) located in Virginia are seeking applications from eligible Sailors in their 15-24-months from PRD window in the following communities:

Aviation Rates: AD / AE / AM / AT / AW (ALL) / AZ
All Seabee Rates (E-6 or E-7)
Cryptologic Technician (I/N/R/T/M)
ET / Electronics Technician
GMC / Gunner’s Mate
HM / Hospital Corpsman with NECs L10A (HMC) or primary L03A, L11A (HM1 or 2)
IS / Intelligence Specialist (NECs K10A, K13A , K36A)
• IT / Info Systems Technician (preferred NECs 746A, 794A, 854A, 837A)
LS / Logistics Specialist
• MAC / Master-At-Arms
• NCC / Navy Counselor
• OS / Operations Specialist
• PS / Personnel Specialist
• SO / SB Special Operator / Special Boat Operator
• YN / Yeoman

Qualifications for this opportunity include:

• Must be 15-24 months from PRD
• Be in an eligible rate
• Pay grades E-5 and above, with at least one completed sea tour (frocked included)
• Agree to OBLISERV 48 months
• Most recent fitness assessment is a “Good Low” score, or better—no failures over past 3 years
• Must be U.S. citizen and have valid driver’s license
• Must possess Secret clearance and eligible to obtain/ maintain Top Secret clearance
• No alcohol, non-judicial punishment or civil convictions within last 36 months of application
• Must qualify and maintain Government Travel Card
• Other requirements per MILPERSMAN 1306-986

If you are ready to sign up, you will need to email: to initiate the process. A completed package includes, but may not be limited to:

• NSWG-10 Application/Questionnaire
• Medical/Dental Release Form
• Medical Screening Questionnaire
• Performance Evaluations, Awards, Schools (last 3 years)
• PRIMS reports (last 3 years)
PFA/PRT Results (last 3 years)
• 1306/92 and 1306/7
• Current Security Clearance w/date Autobiographical Narrative
Online Psychology Assessment and Interview
• Page 13 for NSWG10 Statement of Understanding

The entire Screening Process can take 60 to 90 days, so act quickly if you are interested in some of the following benefits. These positions go fast!

High End Specialized Training
• Some rates receive Special Duty Pay
• Competitive for Selection Boards
• Direct Mission Impact
Job Satisfaction
• Career Enhancement
Family Support
Follow on NSW Assignments

For additional information or to ask questions, contact the NSWG-10 RAM Directorate NSWG-10 East: (757) 763-5340 / 5630 NSWG-10 West: (619) 537-4428 NIPR: