Provide maritime special operations forces to conduct
full spectrum operations, unilaterally or with partners, to support national objectives.


• Mission success demands a high-performance team. We recruit and retain the most capable, skilled, and creative problem-solvers with an aptitude for thoughtful, relentless, opportunistic, and decisive action.

• Forged by the sea, our mission requires operational excellence. We are the premier maritime special operations force. We leverage our access, placement, and expertise to influence and enable solutions in the most challenging environments with precision, lethality, speed, and certainty.

• Leadership is the foundation of all we do. Our leaders inspire excellence at all levels through competency; character; and caring for our teammates, our fleet, and our nation.

• Our people will always be our competitive advantage. Our force and their families are national assets. We invest deeply in all aspects of an individual's professional and personal development. We build strong, resilient families, and support their long-term success.