"These teammates went above and beyond the call of duty and serve as examples of what we continue to strive to be for the Nation. Their gallant deeds and intrepid actions represent the highest attributes of our authentic and timeless team – a team firmly anchored in humility, a humility sharpened through combat losses and imperfection. As stewards of their legacy, the Force and I request you think of ways to communicate their example and aspire to the leadership they embody." -- H.W. Howard III, Rear Admiral, United States Navy, Naval Special Warfare Command

We are honored to recognize an additional five recipients of the Medal of Honor above for their actions while serving on or leading small boats in communities that directly supported and eventually became part of NSW. While they were not members of the community at the time of their award, their actions are a part of the foundation, history and legacy of our Force.


“The Medal of Honor is a poignant reminder of the tremendous price that some Americans have been willing to pay to protect the lives and liberty of others. Indeed, the courageous and loving sacrifices of our Medal of Honor recipients tell us a great deal about the value of freedom and the principles on which this Nation is founded” -- Proclamation 6263 National Medal of Honor Day