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Naval Special Warfare Center Hosts AllTru Women Combat Veterans

by Courtesy Asset, Naval Special Warfare Center, Public Affairs Office
07 October 2023 On September 30, the Naval Special Warfare Center welcomed members of AllTru, a unique non-profit organization comprised of women combat veterans who have served alongside elite Special Operations units around the world. These women, alongside men and partners they served with, share stories of their experiences and of the heroism displayed by their fallen teammates to inspire the next generation.

AllTru’s visit aimed to foster collaboration and share insights into the evolving roles of women in Naval Special Warfare (NSW). AllTru was originally formed by veterans who served with the U.S. Army’s Cultural Support Team (CST) program, a groundbreaking initiative that marked the first time women were purposefully recruited and deployed for combat missions with Special Operations forces in Afghanistan.

“We honor the sacrifices and contributions women in NSW have made throughout the Global War on Terror and hope our visit yields enduring relationships that generate combat capacity and worthy lessons learned from integration on the battlefield.” - AllTru Founder

“We were honored to host AllTru at the forge of Naval Special Warfare," said Capt. Clint Burke, commander, Naval Special Warfare Command. “Our male and female instructors and staff work diligently every day to challenge our candidates and prepare them for combat. We've also had several female SEAL and Special Warfare Combat Crewman candidates come through our assessment and training pathways, and we wanted AllTru to witness this firsthand."

During the visit Burke also emphasized the significant contributions of women within the NSW community.

"Female service members and civilians have a rich history of service within NSW. Their diverse talents and capabilities continue to professionalize our force,” said Burke. “Approximately 10% of our force is comprised of women who serve in 47 different ratings across NSW, holding numerous leadership positions and deploying forward with our SEAL Teams.”

Located on Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, the NSWCEN provides initial assessment, selection, and advanced training for the Sailors who make up the Navy’s SEAL and Special Boat communities. The NSW mission is to provide maritime special operations forces to conduct full-spectrum operations, either unilaterally or with partners, to support national objectives. For more information on the NSW assessment, selection, and training pathway, visit

The AllTru community extends to male role models and Special Operations foreign partners. Committed to the values of equal opportunity and high performance, AllTru also focuses on honoring the legacy of their fallen sisters.