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Naval Special Warfare Enhances Allied Defense with Romanian Special Operations Forces

by Lt. j.g. Martin Carey
13 December 2023 East-Coast based Naval Special Warfare Operators (SEALs) and the 164th Romanian Naval Special Operations Forces (ROUSOF) conducted training on maritime interdiction operations, special reconnaissance, and special operations tactics to enhance allied defense throughout the European region. The joint effort was conducted November 4-17, and enhanced maritime expertise and strengthened the capacity to respond to maritime crises in the Black Sea region.

"Our partnership with the Romanian Naval Special Operations Forces is in direct alignment with the U.S. National Defense Strategy's emphasis on strengthening alliances and partnerships. Together, we prepare for the challenges posed by the unique operational environment here as we work in tandem to preserve security during this critical time,” said Maj. Gen. Steven G. Edwards, Commander of Special Operations Command Europe.

During the evolution, SEALs and ROUSOF conducted a multitude of interoperability and training iterations including close quarters combat techniques, urban patrol movements, breacher training and integrated visit, board, search and seizure tactics. The ability for U.S. and NATO special operations forces to integrate seamlessly across multiple operating areas further refines their capabilities to deploy in support of real-world operations in the area.

“Working alongside our allied Romanian special operators provides us the ability to further enhance our capabilities in order to meet operational demands,” said the senior Naval Special Warfare Operator on site. “These opportunities are not only invaluable for the SEALs, but also the numerous support personnel who enable us to complete our mission in a joint environment.”

In the spirit of solidarity and shared commitment to regional security, the collaboration between SEALs and ROUSOF serves as a testament to the vital importance of international partnerships within the European Command Area of Responsibility. Strengthening alliances through joint training initiatives bolsters the capabilities of both nations' special operations forces and underscores the collective dedication to preserve peace and security in the Black Sea region.

The 164th Romanian Naval Special Operations Forces are a highly specialized unit of the Romanian Navy who conduct direct action missions, special reconnaissance, and maritime operations to safeguard the interests of Romania and promote regional security.

Naval Special Warfare Group TWO produces, supports, and deploys the world’s premier maritime special operations forces to conduct full-spectrum operations and integrated deterrence in support of U.S. national objectives. For more information, visit